BODEGAS CAMPOS-(Restaurante)


The Bodegas Campos de Córdoba opened its doors in 1908, dedicated to wine aging payments Montilla and Moriles. After a laborious journey, are today a gastronomic and cultural city, known for its defense of popular traditions.

Short walk from the Cathedral ...
... are embedded in the Axerquía collación, from the time of the Arabs the most industrious of Cordoba - mainly silverware and leather - which in the nineteenth century was the City Mall and is now a World Heritage Site.

Inside, open to the public since 1964, consists of a set of interesting old houses and patios of various ages, preserved with love and simplicity that are the emblem of the House.

It houses an extensive collection of old posters of fairs and bullfights, and signatures of famous oak casks give through Cordoba news of celebrities in and out of Spain: the Royal Family, heads of state, flamingos, writers and politicians , ....

From 1989 Bodegas Campos ...
... joined the hospitality industry, dedicating their dependencies ships and holding conferences and banquets and corporate family. Later, in 1995, opened restaurant and catering service, in a spirit of updating the traditional and popular, Cordoba and Andalusia.

Since 2004 Bodegas Campos manages the Hotel School of Córdoba, and since 2005 has its own Production Logistics Center, located in the industrial area of ​​the Burned.

This task has been awarded first prize Foods of Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, and the silver medal of Merit Tourism of Andalusia, but the main satisfaction for Bodegas Campos is that anyone who has been here has been felt at home.

2008 this House celebrated its Centennial ...
... focused as a thank you to the City for its popularity for a century. That same year he created the Foundation Bodegas Campos, for the promotion of culture, cuisine and traditions. The Foundation, which has on its board with the presidents of the major foundations Cordoba, so it was called "Foundations Foundation".

And in 2010 establishing a Chair of Gastronomy in Andalusia, which, among other activities and publications, has promoted Master Restoration Management with the University of Cordoba, as the title itself, and the collaboration of major food companies.

At the headquarters of Lineros, 32, the former breeding Bodega Montilla-Moriles, has added a new building, the Torre de la Barca, on the other bank of the Guadalquivir, in the countryside of Cordoba, as a framework for celebrations, conventions and congresses

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