TORRE LA BARCA- (Restaurante)


A set of buildings inspired by the farmhouses of the Cordoba countryside ...

Torre la Barca
is a complex of buildings inspired by the farmhouses of the Cordoba countryside. The philosophy of the project has been to recover the tradition of Cordoba field, and has been followed not only in construction, also in respect to the surrounding landscape, is a recreation of traditional gardening area and the decor and ambience of its rooms and terraces. The assembly is centered by a square tower, which serves as a vestibule and welcomes visitors. Around the tower articulate the different classrooms.

A different place, with its own personality, with ample space to enjoy indoors and outdoors, and in any season ...

Stage for a new kind of celebrations that combine the most advanced services with a cultural and humanistic, these new facilities are aimed at meeting planners, travel agencies, companies in any industry, institutions, associations, foundations, cultural managers and individuals looking for a different place, with its own personality, with ample space to enjoy indoors and outdoors, and in any season.

It has spaces and services necessary to meet business conferences and meetings:

Reception Area ...

of participants, with counters for accreditations and wardrobe.

Maximum capacity of 700 people ...

Rooms for conferences, conventions and meetings with a maximum capacity of 700 people.

Exhibition area

Offices and committee rooms, Audiovisual ...

The rooms feature the most advanced audiovisual media in all rooms.


Outdoor Auditorium

Coffee break and breakfast meetings ... indoor and outdoor (porch, terraces and patios).

Banquet halls

Small hotel with 6 rooms ... Category 3 stars, rural mode.

Storage area for congress

Parking (255 spaces) ... with 255 spaces for cars and 6 buses

A unique and modern ...

Torre de la Barca offers a unique, modern space to hold any type of business meeting, conference, convention or incentive events. A place that blends the functionality and professionalism of the service with the puck and charm Cordoba for their business activities are long remembered. Comfort, modernity, efficiency, solutions, service, trust ... are the pillars of our work, we contribute to the added value of an evocative frame, next to the Guadalquivir river and, of course, the renowned cuisine of the Campos Group.

Professionalism ...

Decades of experience in the organization of diverse events support the work of the Campos Group has been recognized on numerous occasions by society Cordoba and Andalusia. The professionals who manage Torre de la Barca are fully prepared to give satisfaction, and numerous open spaces available to us and lounges, which feature everything needed for a successful event: audiovisual, projection screen, projector cannon , installation of air conditioning and heating, access for disabled people, free secure parking and many more services.

Adaptability ...

The way we work, always at the service of customers, we can offer the most diverse spaces to suit your business needs. Depending on the number of attendees, we have several rooms and rooms equipped to accomodate easily. Due to the different capabilities of the rooms with which we, companies can hold a small meeting of directors, to a large conference of presentation of a product, for 700 guests.

Meetings charming Cordoba ...

Centrally located 5 minutes from the Mosque-Catedralpor by the river Guadalquivir and combining elegance and comfort, facilities Barca Tower are the ideal location for celebrating their feasts with family and friends. A place that combines professional service with elf and charm Cordoba for their baptisms, communions, dinners job change, retirement ... or any other social meeting will be remembered for many years. The comfort, efficiency, trust ... are some of the pillars of success Campos group, coupled of course the food on offer in our classrooms, recognized for many years in and out of Cordova. We offer a new place where you can enjoy a view of the city from across the river.

Adaptability and services ...

The Campos group, responsible for Torre de la Barca, can boast of bringing decades organizing social events and meetings, an experience that undoubtedly supports our work. The social life of Córdoba has always been in the hands of our professionals and, now, we propose a new modern framework to continue to give them satisfaction. Of course, our modern rooms are equipped with everything necessary for the success of their feast: audiovisual, projection screen, projector overhead, installation of air conditioning and heating, access for disabled people, free secure parking and many more services.

In Torre de la Barca have numerous multifunction rooms are the ideal setting for meetings, banquets and celebrations. They are endowed with natural light and can accommodate up to 700 people. Precisely, this breadth and diversity of rooms allows us to always adapt to the needs of each meeting or family celebration. Depending on the number of attendees we recommend one or another, guaranteeing your comfort and your guests. Not forgetting the many open spaces that exist in our facilities (very useful when children attend) that will give yours a widespread feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. The facility has everything needed for the banquet: media, multiple projection screens, projector overhead, installation of air conditioning and heating, access for disabled people, free secure parking, cloakroom, PA and many more services.

High quality and great variety of dishes ...

One of the main virtues of the Torre de la Barca, is its cuisine. Influenced by the experience of other business owners in the group, as Bodegas Campos (well-known establishment in and out of Andalusia), the cuisine is top quality and their products pass a strict selection and preparation before coming to the table. The offer for all types of banquets (communion, baptism ...) is varied, and there are special menus, but it is always the customer who ultimately has the final word on the dishes tasted.

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