AL SON DEL SUR- (Grupo rociero)


"Al son de Sur" born in the month of November, two thousand. Several former members of the popular "Rociero Choir of the Brotherhood of the Star of Córdoba" (Rafa Giraldo, Jesus Amaro, Francisco José Pedregosa and Jose Maria Ledo) along with Antonio Morillo decide to start their trials under this name as here. Soon the latter is replaced by Juan Moreno, also of that chorus guitar.

Here's how this formation begins to be present at the celebrations of our city, singing at the Fair of Our Lady of Health the following year. Over the next four years training remains stable in its components and is "taking tables" with countless performances at weddings, private parties, business dinners, etc..

This makes the name "Al son del Sur" becomes known in our land for their good work and getting good vibes wherever they go.

In 2005 the incorporation occurs percussion group Michelangelo Villar and flamenco guitarist José Luis Medina "Piru" which come to cover the losses of Rafa and John. With them, the group continues to meet goals and performances achieved in Sicab (Sevilla), Mass Romeros of the Brotherhood of Rocio Córdoba, Ciudad Real, Badajoz, etc ... settle well in the landscape of the groups "Flemish" city.

In 2008 we began to plan a further step in our musical caree

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