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18/12/2011, FESTIVALES DEL SUR - (Alquileres), Think of your perfect celebration. You do not want to miss any details but do not have the necessary equipment ... No problem. In South Festivals can find any items needed to dress the space chosen for that day. It features the latest trends in items and assemblies, advised by the best team of professionals with over 20 years experience. The luxury...
23/08/2012, BODEGAS CAMPOS-(Restaurante), The Bodegas Campos de Córdoba opened its doors in 1908, dedicated to wine aging payments Montilla and Moriles. After a laborious journey, are today a gastronomic and cultural city, known for its defense of popular traditions. Short walk from the Cathedral ... ... are embedded in the Axerquía collación, from the time of the Arabs the most...
23/08/2012, HOTEL MACIA ALFAROS CORDOBA- (Hotel ****), Eurostars Maimonides Hotel is located in the historical, commercial and administrative center of the city of Cordoba, just 15 minutes walk from the mosque, the Jewish quarter, the Alcazar or synagogue. In the hotel there are many details that recall the artistic manifestations of Al-Andalus: interlacing, tiles, columns and arches. Its 144 rooms...
27/08/2012, GRUPO SEFARDI- (Grupo flamenco), Young musical group with extensive experience in the world of flamenco, rumba and versionamos best sevillanas, traditional and modern, with a fresh and lively. Guarantee the success of each party. Brighten up your events, offering high quality, long experience and lots of fun! Weddings, parties, trade shows booths, gatherings, birthdays, corporate events,...
08/02/2013, HACIENDA EL CORDOBÉS- (Eventos) , HACIENDA EL CORDOBÉS Elegance and Nature within reach of the most demanding Just seven kilometers from Córdoba, La Hacienda El Cordoba known for the privileged environment in which it is located, in the heart of Sierra Morena, and to maintain the charm and flavor of yesterday, Manuel Benitez "El Cordobes" printed in each of its corners....
13/11/2014, FINCA EL CAPRICHO- (Estancia para celebraciones)
13/11/2014, CATERING CHARLOTTE- (Catering)
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