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09/01/2013, ANIMACIONES INFANTILES- (Animaciones), All animations have expandable two hours, two monitors or more to a maximum of 30 children s. They feature a presentation and collection of children, an hour and a playroom or monitoring and three quarter hours of workshop. In addition to gifts for the participants ... Depending on the animation team also used music, games, or single curtain puppets,...
08/02/2013, HACIENDA EL CORDOBÉS- (Eventos) , HACIENDA EL CORDOBÉS Elegance and Nature within reach of the most demanding Just seven kilometers from Córdoba, La Hacienda El Cordoba known for the privileged environment in which it is located, in the heart of Sierra Morena, and to maintain the charm and flavor of yesterday, Manuel Benitez "El Cordobes" printed in each of its corners....
13/11/2014, FINCA EL CAPRICHO- (Estancia para celebraciones)

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